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WOTC – the Work Opportunity Tax Credit — is a well-known tax benefit for employers. It reduces your federal income tax when you hire veterans, the unemployed and various others experiencing economic distress. 

Most employers already hire eligible workers. However, WOTC is only available when eligible workers are identified during the hiring process!

If you’re not using WOTC, you’re probably overpaying your taxes.

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Benefits Of WOTC

WOTC transforms your new hires into new profit.  It gives your company a tax credit, based on the wages you pay your qualifying employees.

As technology matures, employers are abandoning the old paper-heavy hiring process.  The modern way is paperless onboarding in the cloud.
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08/13/2018 6:24 PM

Timing is Everything With WOTC

08/13/2018 6:24 PM

Famed English actor Jeremy Irons said, “The secret to life is timing.” So too is success with the Work Opportunity Tax Credit! Also known as “WOTC” (pronounced Watt See), the Work Opportunity Tax Credit rewards businesses with $2,400 to $9,600 in federal income tax credit when they hire members of a WOTC target group. However, [...]

Hiring the Formerly Incarcerated

08/03/2018 7:21 PM

Have you considered the value of hiring the formerly incarcerated? The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) might reward your business if you do (more about that later). And yes, when I say, “formerly incarcerated”, I mean ex-felons. People who’ve been convicted of a felony and paid the price. Many of them have emerged from that [...]

Expand WOTC Again? Yes! Hire Veteran Students Using GI Bill

07/25/2018 8:42 PM

Congresswoman Jacky Rosen, a Democrat from Nevada, issued a press release describing her effort to expand the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (aka WOTC). House Resolution 6392, known as the Hire Student Veterans Act, would add a new target group to the WOTC program. What does this legislation do? If passed, the Hire Student Veterans Act would offer [...]

Real Tax Credits for Hiring Real Veterans

07/20/2018 11:49 PM

This is a follow-up to the recent post about tax benefits employers earn by hiring military veterans. In addition to strong skill sets and personal characteristics, many veterans can bring an added financial benefit to their employer through the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (or WOTC). Employers naturally have questions about how veterans qualify. How long [...]

Another Reason Veterans Matter to Small Business

07/11/2018 6:18 PM

If you’re a business owner, CPA or hiring executive, this is for you. Everyone knows that hiring veterans is both the right thing and the smart thing to do for many reasons. Military veterans bring a unique set of skills to the civilian labor market. Few organizations like the military can teach, enforce and reward [...]